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October 5 - 8, 2023
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2023 Registration List   
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Windy City Workshop Schedule

Windy City Dance Playlist
Click above to see the list of dances JP is likely to play over the weekend.  Not an all inclusive list (that's what your requests are for), but this should give you an idea and perhaps dances to practice before the event.  These are based on many of the choreographers that will be there.  


Pre-Requests Before the Event
In addition to taking requests onsite, JP will be taking requests prior to the event.  To submit your pre requests email UP TO FIVE of your favorite dances to   Only one submission per an email address and no more than 5 dances.  This is NOT a guarantee they will be played but instead gives JP one more resource to reference when determining what to play at the event.  The last day to submit your pre requests is September 30th. 

Event Social Dance Schedule

Social Dance Schedule   Ballroom 1
Click above to see the dances from the Social Room that will be played during open dance on the Quarter Hour. These will all be taught during the daily workshops. This is not a walk thru, although the Instructor may call out the moves as the music is playing.

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Oh Baby Baby! - 48 Count Phrased Intermediate Dance
Music - Hit Me Baby One More Time - Tony Lucca
Step Sheet      Walk Thru Video      Music



Virtual Event 




WGN Morning News, Chicago's Number 1 Newsleader recently reported on the Windy City Linedancemania Team International Winner. 
Check out what they had to say.



Praise Jesus - 64 Count Low Intermediate Dance
Music - Hallelujah - The Refreshments

Step Sheet   Walk Thru Video    Music


Got a comment for Mark?

Got a comment for Mark?

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  Line Dancing has evolved a long way since the Achy Breaky Heart days... Check out today's moves and come out and join us at one of our Events! The next one is in July and we have a special room dedicated for beginner dancers. All Ages Welcome!

Click on the video below featuring Team International's Winning Dance . for a great sample of what you will learn at the Windy City Events!

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