"Puff Puff...   
OK Now...Everybody Step Left, Step Right,
Shuffle Forward - Puff,Puff...."

Dates indicate first week of introduction - all dances will be reviewed again the following 1 to 2 weeks after introduction date (depending on difficulty)

   = Video Clip

 Current Reviews

Sweet Dynamite -  "Dynamite" (feat. Pretty Sister) Nause - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane (Netherlands) Nuria Castan Mur (Spain) & David Hoyn (Australia)

Tongue Tied Up -  Tongue Tied (Earl) - Vera & Teresa

DJ Got Us Fallin In Lovc -  DJ Got Us Fallin In Love (Usher feat Pitbull) - Roy Hadisubroto, Raymond Sarlemijn, Fiona Murray  

Run Me Like A River-  River (Bishop Briggs) - Jo Kinser, John Kinser, Guillaume Richard, Roy Verdonk & Jef Camps  

April 27th - Glen & Mark

Ciao Adios (I'm Done) -  Ciao Adios (Anne-Marie) - Ria Vos  

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