Here are Mark Cosenza's Favorite clips to dances!

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649 - Judy McDonald
All The Way - Robbie McGowan-Hickie
And Fell In Love - Michael Barr
Angel - Guyton Mundy
Atlantis - Jamie Marshall & John Robinson
Bad Boys - Jo&John Kinser and Mark Furnell
Bad Influence - Jo&John Kinser and Mark Furnell
Battlefield - Junior Willis
Bombshell Stomp - Jamie Marshall & Karen Hedges
Booty Music - Team USA
Break The Dawn - Team International
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs

Can't Get Enough - Cato Larsen
Can't Get Involved - Neville Fitzgerald

Cara Mia  - Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
Careless Whisper - Paul McAdam
Cheatin' Myself - Guyton Mundy

Clap Your Hands - Vivienne Scott
Clothes Off - Will Craig
Clouds In My Eyes - John Robinson
Coco Puffs -
Zac Detweiller (Taken from our Thurs Night Class)
Cold Hard Cash - John Robinson
Come Anytime - Robbie McGowan-Hickie
* Come Tomorrow - Michele Perron (Sent from Michele)
Comin' Out - John Robinson, JuniorWillis & Bryan McWherter
Crown Royal - Frank Cooper
Dancing In Line - Robbie McGowan-Hickie
Divisadero Cha - Michele Burton (Demoed by Michael Barr)

Dirty Cash - Dee Musk (Demoed By Dancin' Dean)
Double J Switch - Joey Warren & Junior Willis
* Double XL (Ouch) - Peter & Alison
Drivin' Me Crazy - Amato's & Kinser's
End Of The Road - Rachael McEnaney
Fantabulous - Bracken Ellis
Feels So Good - Amy Christian
Firecracker - Robert Lindsay
Float - Guyton Mundy
Freaky Girl - MIL
Freaky Skillz - Shaz Walton
Freeze Frame - Michael Barr
& Michele Burton
Geek In The Pink - Johanna Barnes
Get A Little - Junior Willis & John Robinson

Get It While It's Hot - John Robinson
Get On The Bus - Guyton Mundy
Give It Back - Rachael McEnaney
* Gonna Catch You - Rachael McEnaney

Hell Or High Water - Yvonne Anderson

Hanky Panky - Michelle Jackson
Happy Hour - Guyton Mundy & Junior Willis
* Hernando's Hideaway - Roy Verdonk & Christein Boogh
Hey Mama - Scott Blevins
Hey People - Guyton Mundy

Holla - Alana Johanson & Michelle Jackson
Home - Frank Cooper
(Demoed By Bryan McWherter)
* Hotter Than Cold - Rob Fowler
I Play Chicken With The Train - Guyton Mundy
I'll Make You Dance - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Iím On Fire - Roy Verdonk and Wil Bos
Isle of Paradise - Audrey Watson (Demoed By Christopher Petre)


Just Got Started - Sue Ann Ehmann
Keep It Burning - John Robinson & Craig Bennett
Keep On Dancing - Robbie McGowan Hickie (Demoed by Mark & his class)
The Last Samba - Vincent & Felicia Chia

Less Complicated - Robert Delong (Windy City Choreography Winner!)Let It Swing - Robbie McGowan-Hickie (Demoed by Stella Cabecca)
Like It Rough - Lawrence Allen

Looking For Something - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Love Certified - w/ Yvonne Anderson     Step Sheet
Love Bug - Kim Raye (Demoed by Mark and his Class)
Love Is In The Air - Raymond S. & Roy Verdonk (Demoed By Brian B.)
Mamma Maria - Frank Trace
Mootown Boogie - Michael Barr & Michele Burton
More Than Life - Scott Schrank

My Greek #1 - Maria Rask (Demoed By Roy Verdonk & Rachael McEnaney)
* No Place To Go - Ann Wood
No Doubt About It - Neville Fitzgerald

Patricio's Rumba - Max Perry
Peepin' - John Robinson & Shelli Blake
Pump It - MIL

* Push The Button -Peter & Alison
O-Zone - Oli Geir

Quando 05 - MIL
Right To Be Wrong - Scott Blevins
Satellites - Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs
SexyBack - Shaz Walton & Ben Martin (Demoed by Joey Warren)
Shadow Dancing - Max Perry

Shake Yourself Loose - Kathy Hunyadi
She's Like The Wind - Craig Bennett
Shoes of Another Man - Jo Thompson
* Sneaker Night - Glen Pospieszny & Jill Babinec
Soldier's Dream - Jamie Marshall
Soul To Soul - Michael Barr & Michelle Burton
Spinning To The Sound - Metelnick & Biggs
Supremes Cha Cha - Michele Perron
Start A Love Train - Max Perry
Stereo Nights - John Robinson
* Stuck A While - Pete Harkness (Demoed by Mark and some of his class)
Sweet N Sassy - Maurice Rowe
Syncopated Rhythm
(Retro!)- Rob & Michelle Fowler
Talk About It - Joy Huggins (Demoed by John Robinson)
Time To Play - Metelnick & Biggs
Turn Me Loose -
Nadia Friel  (Demoed by Mark & his class)
Vogue - Tom Mickers
You Can Dance - Doug & Jackie Miranda
(Demoed by Mark Cosenza & Some of  His Class)
Walk On Ice - Oli Geir
Walk Like A Man - Glen Pospieszny
What A Trip - Kathy Hunyadi (& John Robinson)
* With You Forever - Jamie Marshall (You Tube Version)
Woohoo Yeehoo - Michelle Jackson
Word Up - Rachael McEnaney
World On A String - Patrick Fleming (Demoed By Bryan McWherter)

* Denotes from Mark's Video Collection:

These are Mark Cosenza's Clips mostly from his Video Camera (or sent to him)

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