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Dear Dancers,

(Update 3/9/12)

My Two Cents

After reading all of the controversy regarding the website, I am curious regarding the mob mentality that has come of this. I do recall a time when Peter Blaskowski had first started charging for Kick-it sheets seeing this same type of reaction, however, all the hoopla died down once people realized they had a choice to use his service or others. The biggest difference being the Peter didn’t go around to other sites trying to shut them down. The last person who spent countless hours policing the websites for illegal line dance music is probably playing exclusively at the Nashville Potbelly. But I can see why some are frustrated. As for me, I agree that for those who choreograph for a living, this is something that may help keep the talent out there. Others, who do not make their living at this are bragging that their videos will remain free really doesn’t compare. But is the market ready for another venture that will result in a reduced income for the serious instructors out there? I’m not so sure of that. Remember that “LineDanceSport” venture where you could be certified in Bronze, Silver and Gold on what was to be the latest craze for the serious line dancer? I didn’t think so.


I do think that most of us remember when the step sheet was all we needed and if we have to, we’ll go back to it before quitting. Although, I’d probably find myself gravitating towards the easier dances. Me being the dyslexic one I may mix up my left with my right and have Essie in the back row complaining and correcting me. That will be a new annoyance. There are others though that will continue to post the free dances and many will pick up on them, while others will share the non-free-video dances they learned at the dance events with others and hopefully, these dances will be able to spread that way. The only way that this will truly end up working is if the Newsletter posters who share their recommendations for their classes of 6 – 10 people begin writing exclusively about the pay for play video dances. This will drive some bonkers as they will have no choice but to learn these so they are “in the know” on these popular dances. After all, they do not want to be the only one not teaching something that’s bragged about on the newsletter.

So I urge the contracted folks to solicit these self proclaimed leaders in the dance community to check out their stuff – maybe even provide them with some video morsels so that they spread the word. This may work, or this may result in an underground movement where dances are shared on the black market. OK, I’d bet on the latter, but you never know. Whatever route you choose, I only ask that you continue to support your favorite choreographers so that they can continue doing what you and I both love.


By the way, this site costs a lot of money to run.  I'd like to suggest that you save the .39 cents it costs to view the videos and donate it to my site instead.  Just kidding.. please don't write to Carol about me.  $1.00 is the minimum donation here. 


Have a nice dance,


 Mark Cosenza

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