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Greetings from Chicago!


I'm going to start off by addressing a new format for the newsletter.  It no longer will be updated monthly.  This is in part because of my schedule and in part because I'm now focusing more on sending many of the important updates / information etc... to my facebook page at  Just click on the "like" link and you can find out the latest on what were teaching and our latest Top 10.  Why wait a month to get new information when you can get it in a more timely manner.


Our Top 10 this month has been posted and once again, Rolling In The Deep (Gallagher) is numero uno.  Following that we have Party Freak (Sala) and my personal favorite Suspicious Minds (Ward).  For those of you going to Windy City Linedancemania this year, please do check out our dance list. 


We do a lot of the national dances, but also have some special ones that we have come across that are proven favorites and just a victim of no go PR.  Maybe I should hire out someone.  One great example is Teenage Dream from Glen Pospieszny.  This gets a good amount of votes on our surveys, but no one to introduce the dance nationally.  Glen has a video on youtube too, but it's sideways... so note to Glen, perhaps a better video would help!  



Teenage Dream - Glen Pospieszny
Note To Glen Pospieszny - You should not have to turn your head sideways to watch your videos..


 Anyhow, if you learn any of the dances from our Top 10 or Favorites, you can be rest assured you won't be alone on the dance floor if requested.  Minimally, you should be able to gather enough folks to do the dance in Jill's all request room, where anything goes!


That's all for now!  See you in October!!

 Mark Cosenza

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