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This has been a fun month for dancing as the weather warms up and many of our Snow Birds return to class.  There have been a few interesting discussions regarding the subject of dances you teach vs. dances you learn yourself for events.  But where do these ďeventĒ dances come from and what makes them an ďeventĒ dance vs. a dance that you take the time to teach your class?  I donít know, but Iím going to define an ďeventĒ dance as one that is more hype than quality and people learn it more to be a part of the crowd because the worst thing that can happen is for everyone else to be out on the dance floor doing something you havenít learned.  Iím fine with this, but then, my concern is that events will turn into places where only the elite die hard dancers attend and others are feeling left out and donít return.  Time will tell as to whether this is the case.

My instinct to take a chance on Donít Be A Drag, a Neville and Julie dance I ironically was introduced to at the Canadian Classic dance event, was spot on, as this is our current class favorite based on last monthís survey.  Another dance that I had a few reservations about was Dr. Flame, which was co-choreographed by Vivienne Scott, Kate Sala, Robbie McGowen and Fred Buckley.  I loved watching Vivanne demo this dance on the youtube video and the music was a keeper for my iPod.  My biggest issue was that I thought at first this dance needed a restart on Wall 2 (dropping the last 16 counts).  I did have a tough time with my comfort level for this dance.  My typical barometer for learning any new  dance is to practice it while watching The Biggest Loser, a weight loss competition show I feel guilty about not doing some type of exercise at the same time.  My rule of thumb is that if I havenít been able to get to a certain comfort level by the time the show is over, I may be in trouble with this dance.  That actually happened here, however, I put in a little extra time and it was well worth it.  And once I finished getting through the dance, I discovered that the restart really wasnít needed since as you are back on phrase by the time the next verse begins.   The class responded well to this one, and I had to chuck my barometer away this time as it scored into to the Top 5 on the class survey. 


There are some dances on the survey that while they continue to score, this is more due to the small percentage that are out on the floor doing the dance having a passion for it.  This being Trouble Is (Blevins) and A Walk On The Wild Side (Ballard).  Cha Cha When (Blevins) also looks to be on track to falling into this category.  This isnít an issue fortunately because we do so many dances that many are looking to take a break and these are their break dances.  Personally, Trouble Is will be one of my all time favorites for years to come.  Perfect from Guyton is another tricky one introduced this month in terms of the counts that I think will score well because it is 32 counts and has just the right amount of difficulty to keep ones interest.  Falling out this month are Craig Bennett's Hollywood, which never clicked that well with our class and What Happens on The Dance Floor from Peter and Allison, which might have fallen through the cracks due to dance overload.  For full survey results click here.


Itís not too late to sign up for Summerlinedancemania!  Simon Ward will be here!  Scott Blevins will be here!  John Robinson will be here!  Carole Daugherty will be here!   Jill Babinec will be here!  What are you waiting for?  Check it out at http://markcosenza.com.  Also please note, that after June 8th, both Windy City and Summer Line Dance Mania will have a new mail in address as I will be moving, so it will be best to reprint the forms if you are sending in after June 8th.


Thatís it for this month. Have a great June!


  Mark Cosenza

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