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Happy New Year everyone! We had a 2 week break from dancing and it was great to get back into the swing of things.  Of course remembering the more recently taught dances was quite the challenge.  I think to date, one of our toughest challenges was teaching Rachel and Ryan's Ooh, I Like That, which was quite the personal favorite from Windy City.  The dance itself is not hard, however, the fact that it's a circle partner dance was very difficult. But through patience, we perservered and eventually got it right and had a great time with it!  I highly recommend this one for your classes.  It's one that not many instructors will put the effort into teaching, but quite worth it.  For those who have learned it successfully from their local instructor, consider them in a special class of their own.

This monthís Top 10 continued with a surprise mulitple month first place winner with the Kinser & Furnell brilliant dance Night Work.  I knew this one was a keeper  the moment I heard the music and did the dance for the first time, but didn't expect the class to take to it with as much passion as I did.  As I said last month, this one doesnít get a lot of press, so donít overlook it because youíll be missing out on another great one. 

Also debuting this month is Craig Bennettís Pack Up.  Craig also is now another one of our elite group to post a dance on our survey for over a year which now can be moved onto our Recurrent Favorite list beginning next month.  The dance got a lot of press in England for about 2 weeks and then disappeared from conversation ever since.  At Windy City, the floor was only filled with Chicago dancers unfortunately which meant that Wild was another one that the rest of the US folks missed out on. I have to think it might have been due to a couple of other big hits Hands Up and Playing With Fire that this one got overlooked.  While it's a shame the rest of the country missed out, our Chicago area dancers will continue to enjoy this one for another year.

Flash Mob.  I finally got what it really was meant to be when I watched a recent episode of Modern Family.  It was quite cool actually as everyone got together at some public mall and suddenly started to do a dance to En Vogue's Free Your Mind. Note the word "public".  Someone out there missed the boat when they were out spreading the news.  It would be great if something like this was actually documented instead of seeing youtube videos of a bunch of classes doing the dances in the privacy of their own dance venues.  It would be great if we could truly share our passion with the rest of the folks out there and perhaps bring them in. I hope maybe this can be accomplished in the year 2011.

And speaking of 2011, Windy City Linedancemania is October 6 - 9th.  We expect this to be the best one yet and hope you will come out and join us. 

  • Some of the best world renowned talent out there

  • The Hotel is one of the nicest our there with the Workshop rooms all in close proximity.

  • Free shuttle service from O'hare Airport to the Crowne Plaza.

  • One of the best Workshop programs for both Advanced and Beginner dancers.

  • A new online payment system that is much easier and more convenient to use.

  • A train that is within walking distance that will take you downtown on your non-dance days.

  • This dance event is the only major event that we run each year so we put all of our effort into making sure that you have the best dance experience possible.

That's it for this month.


Mark Cosenza

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