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Surfs UpWhat a way to start out this month!  Check out the snowdrift that formed over my steps. Amazingly enough, my steps never accumulated any snow, if you can get to them!  So anyhow, this kind of weather tends to make it tough getting to dance class, however, our folks are troupers and if the roads are decent, we still get a nice group. 

So on to the news for the month.  Hollywood by Craig Bennett was my first teach for the new year. This dance seems to have gotten a mixed reaction from the other reviews I've read and the jury is still out with our dancers. One problem we had was that the track was a bit long even though this was a 64 count dance.  I did some research and found a site that listed a Canadian version of the song that labeled the track as a "radio edit" which reduced the length from 4:16 to 3:34 which seemed to really help and you don't have to modify the restart at all.  After our survey, we'll finally know if this is a hit or miss. Stay tuned...

We also taught Maggie Gallagher's Walking In The Rain, which has a song that sounds exactly like Sammy Davis Jr's Candy Man.  I wonder if Sammy's estate got some royalties... OK, I'm digressing now.  Both the track and dance brought smiles to everyone's faces.  I'd be surprised if this one didn't stick around for quite some time. 

Next week we'll give Peter & Allison's brand new What Happens On The Dancefloor.  The dance flowed well during my walk thru and it didn't give me a headache, so why not teach it!  The track is great. 

And finally, exciting news we'll be having another Summer Event.  This will be a 1 and a 1/2 Day Workshop that will be featuring Simon Ward, John Robinson and other great local area instructors.  Plus, we'll have 2 rooms instead of one this year.  Yeah!!! More details will be forthcoming but save July 29th and 30th in your calendars.

Well, that's all for this month!


Mark Cosenza

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