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Hello All!

Itís so hard to believe that Windy City is just around the corner!  Registrations are slightly up so far from last year so Iím super excited to see so many returning dancers as well as a lot of new ones this year.  Please take a moment out to verify if you have registered for the event by going to my ARE YOU REGISTERED page.  And please donít be upset if I donít have everything correct for you as listed Ė just let me know and Iíll check it out for you. (Hey, Iím human.)  Thatís why I do this ahead of time so your experience at the registration desk will be that much better.  As for the dances that weíre doing, I have below my recommendations for the ones that many are doing here in the Chicago area and if you do go ahead and learn these, you are guaranteed company on the dance floor!  The dances with the * we have been doing for well over a year.

 649  - Swing Baby Swing (DNC) - Judy McDonald
 American Cowboy - American Cowboy (Jada) - Peter & Alison
 Argentina - Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Miami Spanglish Edit) (Madonna) - Maggie Gallagher  
 Bad Influence - Bad Influence (Pink) - Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell  

* Cha Cha 4 C - Oh Carol (Barbados) - Rep Ghazali   Coochie Bang Bang - Miss Kiss Kiss Bang (Radio Version) (Alex Swings Oscar Sings) - Scott Blevins 

Cry Me Out - Cry Me Out (Pixie Lott) - Malene Jakobsen  
* Drop The Beat - Droppin Like Flies (Sheila E) - John Robinson  
Here's Looking At You Kid - Key Largo (Bertie Higgins) - Steve Lescarbeau   
Hey Soul Sister - Hey Soul Sister (Train) - Ruben Luna & Bracken Ellis-Potter
In Private - In Private (Dusty Springfield) - Rep Ghazali 

Kinda Busy vs 911 - Telephone (Lady Gaga) - Craig Bennett & Moses Bourassa Jr. / Barbara Frechette    
 Like It Rough - I Like It Rough (Lady Gaga) - Lawrence Allen   
Love Sex Magic - Love, Sex, Magic (Ciara feat Justin Timberlake) - Lawrence Allen    
Jesse James - Just Like Jesse James (Cher) - Rachael McEnaney   

Mamma Maria - Mamma Maria (Ricchi E Poveri) - Frank Trace
Oh Ruby!  - Ruby Blue (Roison Murphy) - Debbie McLaughlin 
* On The Water - Walking On The Water (Atomic Kitten) - Pete Harkness  

Playing With Fire - Bad Boys (Alexandra Burke) - Craig Bennett
Peek A Boo - Peek A Boo (Cosmo4) - Maggie Gallagher
Quarter After One - Need You Now (Lady Antebellum) - Levi J Hubbard
Strung Out  - Slow Dancing (Adrissi Brothers) - Lawrence Allen & Angela Helmsing    

 Trouble Is - Trouble Is (Allison Iraheta) - Scott Blevins 
Undercover   - What's Your Name (Cosmo4) - Robbie McGowen-Hickie 
Under The Sun - Under The Sun (Radio Edit) - Kathy N Sue 

What It Takes - Baby (You've Got What It Takes) (Micheal Buble) - Kim Ray   
Wild - Wild Horses (Radio Mix)(Soo-Bo feat Tee Webb) - Craig Bennett
* World On A String - I've Got The World On A String (Michael Buble) - Patrick Fleming 

Work - Work (The Saturdays) - Yvonne Anderson & Mark Cosenza    

 OK, so this month we have introduced a number of great dances that I really think deserve a look. Night Work by The Kinsers & Furnell is probably among my favorites right now.  The music is catchy and even through there are some restarts, the basic dance is not that difficult.  It will be taught at Windy City, but you might want to get a jump start and join are class and do this one on the dance floor for the Thursday Night open dance.  We had a number of new entries into the Top 10 this month.  It really seems like Lawrence Allen and Angela Helmsingís Strung Out really clicked with our class after we introduced an alternate song to this called Slow Dancing Donít Turn Me On by The Adrissi Brothers.  (We also pitch it up to about +5.)  You wouldnít believe how well this hits as it really feels like this track was made for this dance. 

Also debuting is Scott Blevinís Trouble Is, another one of my favorites.  This one is definitely worth the effort.  Maggie Gallagherís Peek-A-Boo is another favorite that broke into our Top 10 with an extremely catchy track as well as Hot Hot Hot from Helena Jeppsson that certainly has Scott Blevins to thank for introducing this track to our folks at Summerlinedancemania.  We also have 3 dances that may make our classic ďrecurrentĒ status for making it on the charts for over a year.  Jessie James (McEnaney), Hereís Looking At You Kid (Lescarbeau) and Coochie Coochie Bang Bang (Blevins).  Although the latter is not really done by most of the class, but it has its die-hard fans who still mark it down.  Last but not the least of the news is that once again, Cry Me Out has hit number one for a record 4 months! Quite an amazing feat for a dance that has only managed to make it to the middle of the world wide survey charts.

Dropping out this month is Bad Influence (Kinsers & Furnell) and I Like It Rough (Allen).

Well, thatís all for this month.  Iím looking forward to seeing many of you once again in October!


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