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Warning.  I hope that no one is offended when I ask this because it is not meant as any disrespect, but Iím very perplexed by all of the constant emails, newsletter postings and publicity regarding the Flash Mob Videos that seem to all revolve around one dance.

Can someone explain the difference between seeing a thousand people do this dance on video and doing any other of the hundreds of other beginner dances?  At Windy City , there was little interest in this dance as I did ask around and looked at the class scheduled to learn the SBS Shuffle Boogie and the room was sparse.  There were no votes on the World Line Dance survey out there for it in the last few weeks, so why is half the newsletter taken up with continuous ďnewsĒ updates and links regarding one dance. (Is there some big prize for the best video?)   It sounds as if itís nothing more than a genius publicity stunt.  However, if itís bringing people into line dance that perhaps never heard of our brand of dancing, Iím all for it, but why is this constantly in the World Line Dance newsletter? 

But for those of us who already know how great line dancing is, there are many cute dances out there, so what is the difference here between this one and another dance like say Come On Everybody from Double Trouble or Under The Sun by Kathy n; Sue in deeming this a ďflash mobĒ dance.  I guess I just donít get it.  Iím hoping in all seriousness someone can clue me in (without lecturing me or calling me a Flash Mob Snob). 

As for Windy City , I couldnít be happier with this yearís result whether it be the numbers, the talent or the overall energy at the event.  Didnít everyone do an awesome job this year?  We really donít need to change much for next year as far as I can see.  Jillís room was hopping on Saturday night with a few adjustments and I think if there are people you want to bring that never danced before, we can give them a great opportunity to participate in the beginner room workshops and then the reviews later along with the all request night at Jillís place.  As for Louie, I heard a nice mix of music going on.  After midnight it does always seem to change in tone, but thatís what keeps the floor hopping.  Iíll post some pictures hopefully later this month.  This new computer has made things difficult with the programs that Iíve lost as of late.  Videos are available by emailing  


The Top 10 will be postponed because we had a week off this month for Windy City and another in November for Tampa .  So this will be posted later in the month.  Our first 2 teaches were both of the great Professional Choreography entries from Windy City Ė EuroMess and Jumpiní The Gun.  I think both have some promises for longevity since they have a great balance of not killing the brain, not being too easy and great music.  Time will tell of course. 


Thatís all for this month!   Watch for some Windy City Pictures


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