April 30th is like Tax day for meÖ well, one of two because it is the date of the first early bird deadline for Windy City where the VIP pass goers receive a free t-shirt and step book.  So I receive such an influx of registrations and spend days processing them.  Itís not something Iím complaining about, maybe Iím just rambling a little today.  Anyhow, I should have the first list posted on the website as to who registered by May 15th, so check back then to see if I processed your registration. 

Now this month, please donít forget to sign up for Summer Linedancemania with Scott Blevins, Jamie Marshall, Amy Christian and local favorites, Bob & Denise Boyle and Sharman Toomey.  It's at the same great hotel as Windy City Line Dancemania too!  The event is July 16th and 17th, but you should register before June 1st in order to get the $50 rate ($40 for just Saturday)  This is something new we're trying out because there arenít a lot of drivable dance events here in the Midwest (at least not compared to California and Florida) so if you are from Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio or Wisconsin especially, we hope youíll check us out as this will be worth the drive. 

I have to share my thoughts on a comment that came from Carol Cravenís newsletter last week.  The person was inquiring why two dances she enjoyed did not receive enough votes on the dance survey?  Her biggest worry seemed to be that these dances wouldnít be played at large events and she wants to make sure they are played because they are good dances, as opposed to some others which are high on the survey list that arenít as good.  My goodness, donít we all think that with everything we like?  I mean, why is American Idol so popular?  I don't watch it.  And why didnít anyone watch Eastwick? I loved Eastwick so it should have been popular. Please donít take this as a slam as this is not meant as an insult, rather that we all have different tastes and unlike the Neilson ratings which dictate which shows get renewed on  US TV, we donít have to rely strictly on Carolís survey to dictate what gets played at large events.  If you think about it, the top vote getter only got 40 votes!  Thatís probably less than 2 average size line dance classes for most areas.   And based on the votes I get for our Top 10, it looks as if most of my class doesn't vote either (otherwise Parta Me from Michelle Perron would have scored a bunch more votes). 

Actually, a much better way to assure that your dance gets played at large events is by networking with other event goers and instructors.  In Chicago, a large number of dances that arenít even on the survey did get played at Windy City because we have a number of classes that share dances with one another.  For example, though John Robinsonís Drop The Beat didnít score on the survey or with anyone who typically reports to the Newsletter (as far as all of the reports I read), however it did fill the floor at Windy City because we had a lot of dancers in our area that learned the dance.  That is why while the survey remains a great tool on dances to consider checking out, I also rather rely on sharing my great finds with the locals.  And yes, it remains a shame that the more vocal dance reporters missed out on a number of great dances already in 2009/2011 (Argentina by Maggie Gallagher; In Private by Rep Ghazali, What It Takes by Kim Ray to name a sample) but here those dances continue to fill the floor.  And Iím sure come Summer Line Dance Mania and Windy City time, weíll have our floor filled again with many non-survey favorites thanks to networking.  Give it a try and of course, check out this monthís Top 10 where you can check out some great dances that you may or may not be doing yet. 

Glen just taught another new one I doubt youíll be hearing about from the typical newsletter sources from Malene Jakobsen called Cry Me Out.  This one had the floor filled in Canada when I attended the Canadian Classic.   It is highly advanced, but personally I like to tackle something a little different every once in awhile.  (Although too many advance dances in one night would drive me home early.)  This demo comes from Winnie Yu and class, many of whom are already registered for Windy City so you can be assured that this will be played come October.  This dance is worth the effort. Check it out below. 

Cry Me Out Malene Jakobsen (Demoed by Winnie Yu and Class)

This month, on our survey, American Cowboy from Peter and Alison was an instant smash (see, we do look at the survey -J )  and recently taught dances In Private from Rep Ghazali and 649 from Judy McDonald both made their debut in our Top 10.   Yeah, we took awhile to get around to 649 but people in my class didnít seem to notice this one until it was taught at Fort Wayne.  (I guess my class missed all of the numerous times I recommended this dance over the past year.)  Dropping off our playlist after charting for 7 months is Craig Bennettís Poker Face

Well, thatís it for this month!



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