I just got back from the host hotel for Windy City and Summer Line Dance Mania.  The hotel has just completed the biggest renovation to date.  All of the ballrooms have fantastic new lighting and a whole new look.  (The floor space is still the same fortunately!)  Even better is the addition of a great new casual dining restaurant which serves fantastic brick oven pizza (very yummy!), burgers, and mostly Italian style specialties.  And OMG, one of the best and biggest pieces of chocolate cake I ever had.  Trust me, you wonít be disappointed and the prices are very reasonable.  This, in addition to the food pickup area where you can get sandwiches, salads and pizza to go.  The bar has moved to across from the restaurant space and is very open now.  It was exciting to see.  The hallways have been renovated and get this, we even have an extra space for another ballroom located across from the others!  I am thinking this would be a great place for our "all beginner room" to be utilized which would free up some more time and space for some open dance during the day, but Iíll have to get back to you on that when Iíve gotten it all figured out!   After all, I just found out about this today!  And last, but not least, the vendor area that used to be far away from the main ballroom action is now directly across from the ballrooms for easier access.  You are all going to love this!  Those of you going to Summer Line Dance Mania on July 16th - 17th will get the exclusive first look at this.

OK, so onward we go to this monthís Chicago Top 10 list.  Cry Me Out from Malene Jakobsen has really taken off with our class!  I have to give Zandra McCallum from Canada a big shout out and thanks for bringing this one to my attention.  Watching her class and others at the Canadian Classic do this dance clued me in that this one would be well worth the effort and I was definitely correct here.  If you have dancers that enjoy a few advance dances in the mix, this one is a must!  Sometimes you have to take a chance and not wait to see how something surveys and not wait for the usual reporters to catch on to this one because they never will because due to their limits in their scope of choreographers. 

Wild from Craig Bennett has really seemed to catch on this past month after we had reviewed this one several times.  Also continuing in popularity are other ďindiesĒ (meaning those that are not highly reported on or surveyed) In Private from Rep Ghazali and What It Takes from Kim Raye.  And even after 8 months, Jessie James continues to be one of the highest surveyed dances!  This one certainly will be in our hall of fame (aka recurrent favorites).  Dropping out this month is Hey Mama from Scott Blevins. 

New teaches this month were Work from Yvonne Anderson and yours truly, Strung Out from Lawrence Allen & Angela Helmsing (another great tip from dancer Bonnie Mathews, who sent me the suggestion) and Undercover from Robbie McGowen-Hickie, which was a tough teach, but Iím hoping worth the effort.  Weíll see next month when the survey results come in. 

Strung Out by Lawrence Allen and Angela Helmsing

Thatís all for this month! 



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