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We are looking forward this month to SummerLineDancemania with Scott Blevins, Jamie Marshall, Amy Christian and local favorites Bob & Denise Boyle and Sharman Toomey.  The schedule has just been posted and we have a great mix of dances that will be taught.  The dancers here have really been looking forward to this and they’ll be the first to check out the great new look of the Crowne Plaza post construction.  (My favorite changes are the food selections and the new look of the ballrooms.)    The ladies will like that the bathroom is closer now -:)  Anyhow, I’m sure everyone is going to be pleased and have a great time with our 1 ˝ days of dance fun!!  By the way, those with special requests (things not on our playlist but that have dancers who know the dance), should be sure to bring the music with you so we can be sure to include your tracks.

This month, Cry Me Out continues it’s rein as the number one favorite with our dancers, so much so, that we will be having a special teach of this dance at Summerlinedancemania.  People not only vote for this dance as one of their Top 5, but most rank it as their #1 favorite.  We really have a good spread of favorites going with most dances receiving some votes.  Falling off of the Playlist this month was Parta Me from Michelle Perron and Hey Mama from Scott Blevins (I’m sure our dancers will remember for when Scott shows up though…)  Newcomer to the list Oh Ruby from Debbie McLaughlin is typical for the advance dances in that it doesn’t get the most votes, but those who do vote rank it high to assure that we play it.   Very few have this one down yet and fewer can do this dance without the assistance of having a couple of people who know it well, dance it.   But it does provide the brain plenty of exercise.

New dances Undercover (McGowen-Hickie) and Strung Out (Allen) also have their fans but they did not score quite enough votes to make the Top 10 yet (which is typical for many of the new ones that folks haven’t mastered yet.)   We’ll see next month if they stick around or fall by the wayside.  

We just taught Quarter After One by Levi Hubbard, which has already been taught elsewhere.  Our dancers have requested that we insert a restart into the dance because it is sorely needed.  While this is fine for our class, it will reek havoc when out of towners come to the upcoming event to join in the fun.   I'm not a fan of these kinds of changes, but I must admit, the restart is definitely needed.  I guess we'll have to split the floor on this one with the same dance.  An event first!  We also decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary this month by teaching two dances to the song Telephone by Lady Gaga.  While that in itself is not that different, we have opted to do both dances at the same time beginner with Craig Bennett's dance Kinda Busy and immediately following it with 911 (Call Gaga), a one wall 32 count beginner dance by Moses Bourassa Jr. / Barbara Frechette.  This dance really does need 64 counts due to the length of the song and the speed of the music so tacking on 911.  Give it a shot.  The song is great and the dances are fun in combination.



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