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January Newsletter

As I read through the usual newsletter entries on LDUK and Carol Craven's, I was intrigued by the one person who upset because people had choreographed a dance to the same song as his.  And in fact, he had completed his months before.  The song in question here is the very red hot Lady Gaga hit, Bad Romance.  The poster is under the opinion that once he choreographs a dance, it is politically wrong for anyone else to create a dance for it and that people should be doing his dance because it was the first one created.  Others wrote in and said that there were too many dances done for the song so they aren't going to bother with any of them.

Both of these attitudes really rubbed me the wrong way.  I mean, first of all, what happened to the art of picking and choosing the best dance!  Well, that pretty much stopped when certain folks dominated the lists with their choices.  Second of all, if you have never had a hit dance (World wide anyways), do you really have the right to dictate what dances can be created?  It's no better an attitude than dancers running to do the latest "Harry HotDancer" creation just because it's Harry HotDancer and he deserves his dances done sight unseen.   Honestly, the point is moot anyhow, because no matter how good your dance is, if "Harry HotDancer" decides to create a dance to the same piece of music, the usual people are going to immediately write about and demo them and then the US followers are going to follow suit to push the dance no matter what the creation looks like. 

But here is a case where "Harry HotDancer" never created anything to the dance, so now the someone else thinks they can claim that dance to be theirs for everyone to immediately jump on.  That's just silly.  I said it before and I'll say it again.  Do your homework.  Check out multiple videos and decide for yourself.  I mean, if someone decides to create a dance months after another one is a world wide hit (or semi-hit), then that's probably just a dumb idea.  But you still have a right to do it and hopefully you'll find a few people to enjoy it.  Anyhow, below is the one that looks the best to me, however, if you've found a better one, please share.  I haven't walked though it yet and I do fear that given the speed and length of the song, folks might tire of this easy 32 counter half way through the song. 


Bad Romance - Choreographed by Laura K

Due to the holidays, we had to pre-empt our class for a few weeks and we're again void of doing very many new dances.  However, I will tell you that the number one dance from our survey was Argentina by Maggie Gallagher.  This one hasn't taken off world wide as much as a lot of her others, but I can tell you that the dance was very well received, so perhaps give it a shot even though it isn't going to hit number one on the Craven list. 

Other new dances scoring on our favorites are Playing With Fire (Bennett), Booty Music (Team USA) and Hey Mama (Blevins).  While Battlefield (Willis), Mamma Maria (Trace) and Break The Dawn (Team International) all failed to get the necessary votes to continue the weekly play. 

Our one new December entry, Parta Me by Michele Perron, is being enjoyed by our class this month so hopefully should survey well.

Let's hope 2011 is a great year for Line Dancing!! 


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