Greetings all and I hope the weather has been better this month for you than it was for us here in Chicago.  We had to cancel our first class after the Holiday break so that did put us way behind on our dance schedule.  We did however continue to review those dances that have been favorites that some just needed another reminder lesson on. 

Before I go into that, I do need take a venting break regarding Facebook.  I wish I didnít get so many requests to be a part of their farm games or chocolate wars or even virtual hugs.  There is nothing better than a virtual hug for some, but not this dancer.  Oh and I have to add that I donít want to be a part of any personal fan clubs. (Example - be a fan of "Joe Dancer" ) I had to remove a friend because I was getting weekly notices to be a part of his fan club.  I didn't know him and I prefer to be fans with people I do know thank you.  Perhaps itís a great ego boost to have all of the worship and adornment, but really, whatís in it for me?  Iíll tell you what, send me $10 each month to support my website and Iíll be your fan.  Of course, if you were to ever miss a payment, then I canít be your fan any more. 

Alright, enough Facebook talk.  Last month, in addition to the reviews, we did introduce a few new dances.  Yvonne Andersonís Wrong Way Up is a terrific dance done to Paloma Faithís Upside Down.  There are a few dances out to this track, so before just picking a different one because "Joe Dancer" is doing it, please at least give this one a courtesy of a look.  I've taught this one and the dancers are having a great time with it.  Check out the video here:


Wrong Way Up - Choregraphed by Yvonne Anderson

We also introduced Niels Poulsonís I Gotta Feeling which I learned back at the Vegas Dance Explosion in November.  Itís so tough this time of year to get to everything with all of the class pre-emptions due to weather and holidays.  Hopefully in February, we will be able to get all caught up. 

Our survey put a few new dances onto the charts (at least new to us) including Maggie Gallagherís Argentina, which debuted at number one for our folks (very rare for something this new!).  Also entering our favorites are Hey Mama (Blevins), Bad Influence (Kinsers and Furnell), and Playing With Fire (Bennett). 

We have some great new ones in store for this month, so please be sure to check out our latest teach page as well as all of our Current Favorites! 


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