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Greetings dancers and Happy Holidays! December is always a slow month because weíre all so busy and many of our Thursdays get pre-empted due to the Holiday Festivities.  But we still have plenty of dances from Tampa on our teach list. 

This monthís survey jettisoned a brand new winner in the Kinser & Furnell brilliant dance Night Work.  I knew this one was a keeper  the moment I heard the music and did the dance for the first time.  Itís a brilliant combination.  Again, this one doesnít get a lot of press, so donít overlook it because youíll be missing out on another great one. 

Also debuting this month is Craig Bennettís Box It Up.  Craig is on a roll lately with plenty of new dances and only so many to fit into our classes.  Euro Mess isnít doing quite as well on the national survey as Jumping The Gun, both fresh entries from the Windy City Professional Competition, however it did receive more votes with our class, although both scored enough votes to make the Favorites list. 

Well, this is a short newsletter this month.  Enjoy the season! 



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