Well itís been a busy busy month!  There was the Canadian Classic, the start of a brand new event and of course, our new Chicago Area Favorites list.

The Canadian Classic was a blast as always and I was honored to be a part of this event.  I absolutely loved the mix of instructors that event Director Judy McDonald picks for the event.  Jamie Marshall, Peter & Alison, Jennie Jones, Jill Babinec, DJ Lynn Warden and Laura K were all fantastic and kept the energy of the event going strong. 

2011 Canadian Classic Staff (Missing is Jill Babinec & Lynn Warden) and you if you look really hard you can spot Judy McDonald...

I did get to attend a few workshops and have to say that my favorites were Morning After Dark by Laura K and American Cowboy by Peter & Alison.  A few others that were very popular (but had workshops going on during their teaches) was Peter & Alisonís Hero and Jillís teach of John Robinsonís So Sexxy.  I debuted Yvonne Anderson and my dance, Work to happy campers as well as Chicago class favorites, In Private (Ghazali), What It Takes (Ray) and Cha Cha 4 C (Ghazali).  Jennie Jones, by the way, is such a ball of energy with her teaching style and dance floor presence that she is a welcome addition to any event!  Open dancing included many favorites from the survey as well as a few other notables, including Cry Me Out, a neat fast waltz from Malene Jakobson.  Lawrence Allenís popular Love, Sex and Magic continued to fill the floor after all these months, the true sign of a dance with longevity.   Whie Jill Babinec kept things rolling the the main ballrom, DJ Lynn Warden kept the energy going in the 2nd ballroom and was very helpful to all the instructors as they were doing their workshops.


Laura K's Morning After Dark

Speaking of local instructors, some of the Northern Area of Chicago instructors will be working together (myself, Bob & Denise Boyle and Sharman Toomey) this coming July 16 Ė 17th as we all take part in Summer Linedancemania!  While for years, we all have had our own classes on different nights in the area catering to both beginners and intermediates, we are pleased to now all come together to partake in this new one room event that will feature National favorites, Scott Blevins, Jamie Marshall and Amy Christian.  That is a lot of talent for one room!  And itís going to be held in the same hotel as the Windy City event.  Please consider coming out and joining us as this will be a blast!!  Details are here!

And finally itís Chicagoís Top 10!  This month, Playing With Fire matches Carol Cravenís national survey by becoming our local favorite dance as well.  Coochie Bang Bang has a much smaller support base, however, those who do this dance, really really love it as they have almost all ranked it as their number one favorite.  (#3 Argentina had many more votes, but not as many number one rankings.)  Leaving the favorites this month were Rachaelís Leave The Boat and Robbie McGowen Hickieís Cranky

And just a quick note about Windy City: the hotel was sold out of Double Rooms.  (In record time this year!!)  Although I did just open up 5 additional double rooms, (first come first serve), you may have to settle for a King Room  The good news is that there are still some King Rooms available and each of them do include a sofa sleeper bed, so that should be some consolidation for those who have yet to book their rooms.  Thank you again to all for your early support this year!! 

Thatís all for now.




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