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Sept Newsletter

Little Mo

Little Mo is filling in this month for Mark Cosenza and is here to give you the latest scoop on the line dance scene in Uganda. 

Hello Dance World,

LIttle Mo here reporting from Uganda.  We are so thrilled here to be the leaders in the funky line dance movement and know you all are going to want to follow our lead.  I have taught these dances so you should learn them.

Cup Of  Mule – Chaz Wilton

Mule Walk (Manny & The Funk Bunch)

 64/4 Intermediate/Advanced

Music 10 Dance 10

Everyone who is anyone is doing the latest dance from Chaz Wilton called Cup of Mule.  It’s a great follow up to Horse Patch and a good mix of new and classic steps to another great funky pop track that should have the same appeal in Uganda as Horse Patch did.   I frequently correspond with Chaz and she is a big fan of my newsletter.

Mo Meanie

Mud Pack (Mo Meanie)

Gross (TeePac)

32/4  Intermediate/Advanced
Music 9 Dance 9

A great dance by Mo –  Awesome dance if you like the likes of Pumpin’ It Up – Nice swirl and curl turn sequence into the end I helped to inspire. – Popular for those who want to learn the dances I recommend.  Mo Meanie is going to be a guest here at the Ugandan Funky Dance & Tribal Song Festival so you need to learn all his dances before he arrives.

Chimp Trekking (Mee Moosk)

So Wrong (So What)

64/2  Intermediate/Advanced

Music 10 Dance 9

A really cool funky night club track & a great dance from Mee, relatively new on the Uganda choreography scene & she is hot looking so I am going to promote the heck out of her and tell you all to do her dances.  She is the biggest name on the Ugandan scene, so you really need to do her dances or be left out come open dance time.  I’m sure the last thing you want to find happening to you is to not be dancing to this during Open Dance time.

Funky DJ (Chaz Wilton)

Funky DJ (N’Sunc)

64/2  Intermediate/Advanced

Music 9 Dance 10

With I’m A Diva, Jucie, Drop Em, Groovy Ghouly, Horse Patch and Butter taking the world by storm, this is another great addition – A hit release teach at Uganda Masters & the late-night funky hip hop dancers loved it– As tricky a dance as Jucie, with an ending I helped inspire–– Classic Chaz.

Paco and Robano's Ruins taught by Little Mo at the Wetlands Festival

Ruins (Paco and Robano)

Jules Twit (Rain)

126/2 Intermediate/Advanced

3 Tags

2 Restarts

50% Contra

Music 9 Dance 10

This is the dance to learn from Paco and Robano – I taught this first back in June at our Wetlands Event where everyone couldn’t wait to thank me for teaching this – And now popular with both all my students – It’s taken a while for me to learn it but I did and my class loves it.   Funky moves are included that I just can’t get enough of.  You need to be part of the “in” crowd and learn this today.

OK.  So let me tell you.  I just saw Scooter Bevert is working on his latest dance.  I saw 6 counts and wrote them down on my bamboo tablet and showed my class and they are all raving about it.  We all plan to cast numerous votes for this one on all of the various surveys and we will be the first to learn this dance at our Ugandan Cattle Herding and Dance Event.  I have a secret video embedded into this note and if you are lucky enough to unlock the code, you can see it and be the first on your tribe to learn 6 counts of this “must see” dance. 

I’d like to now share with you a piece of fan mail I received:

Dear Little Mo,

You are such an inspiration to dancers everywhere.  I have a new dance I choreographed that I was hoping you can look at.  I’ve attached it for you.  I’d love to hear your feedback on it. 


Solomon King

Now here was my response.

Dear Solomon,

No one has heard of you so I’m afraid I don’t have the time to waste on your little dance and no one in my class would be interested in learning from an unknown entity.  Go find yourself a fan base and I’ll be happy to check it out in a few years. 


Little Mo

I know that may have sounded harsh, but these peoples need to learn that not everyone can just write a dance and expect to be the next Scooter Bevert or Chaz Wilton.  Someday, Solomon will thank me for my honesty.  We have a list of approved choreographers that are in the works so please be sure to check it out after I approve it.  If you find someone dancing to an unapproved choreographer, please notify me and I will tell them to stop posting their dances.  We need to contain these rogue peoples. 

Here are the top Ten Dances based on my student’s feedback.

Little Mo's  class about to learn the newest Chaz Wilton Dance!

You should know all of these before you go to any dance events.

  1. Chitty Chitty Bongo Bong – Scooter Bevert
  2. Rainbah – Gess Manby
  3. Dancer’s Delight – Gess Manby
  4. Ruins – Paco & Robano
  5. I’m A Diva – Chaz Wilton
  6. Jucie – Chaz Wilton
  7. Chimp Trekking – Mee Moosk
  8. Junk and Funk – Mee Moosk
  9. Funky Rhythm – Scooter Bevert
  10. Drop Em – Chaz Wilton

By the way, I will be representing just about all of the above choreographers at next month's Wilderbeast Dance Festival so you really need to learn them so my dancers can thrive in this competitive market.

Until next time,

Little Mo, reminding all of you to Dance My Dreams or Dream My Dances.

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