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June's Newsletter

Dear Readers,

Last month, I had received a note inquiring why we haven't taught all of the top dances on Carol Craven's survey.  This was right before the JG2 Marathon and people wanted to be prepared to dance as many dances as they could.  I listen to how some comment and they have this obsession to know as many dances as possible at events.  Never mind that some of these dances are never really learned, but merely learned to a point where the dancers can keep from bumping into their neighbor.

As a kid, I recall going skiing in Colorado where the runs were marked with a Black Diamond for the hardest ones to the Black Square for easier ones.  Many rushed to go down as many of the Black Diamond hills as possible.  The problem was, while they went down each of these courses, they never learned to actually ski them.  They just merely went down them and never took the time to learn how to actually ski. 

Dancing is not much different.  People are just way too focused on learning quantity instead of quality.  Just because they are on the dance floor doesn't mean they actually know the steps. Our Thursday night class is always going to be about quality.  We'll have a great mix of dances that people can do, which includes many from the survey as well as others which are just as good, but don't have the appropriate PR people.   

I hope some day people stop obsessing with what they don't know and learn to enjoy what they do!

Recent teaches include:

Insomnia - Insomnia  (Craig David) - Shaz Walton: This is one of those survey favorites which was done quite often at the Marathon.  I found the dance flow to have a few flaws in it and this will definitely crash and burn by the end of July.  The music is decent, but there isn't anything special in the content (other than a lot of concentration to remember what to do) beyond a PR rep to make this an event dance. 

Love Sex Magic - Love, Sex, Magic (Ciara feat Justin Timberlake) - Lawrence Allen: There are a few versions of dances done to this hot song out there.  This one was chosen because it was a well done dance.  I found the first 8 counts a little awkward until I watched the video.  There is a key styling move when you do the turn (your left foot should come in next to your right foot) that makes a huge difference.  I hope some of you give this dance a shot!

Moonlight Kiss- Moonlight Kiss  (Raul Malo) - Maggie Gallagher: This dance is reminiscent of Vera & Teresa's classic "I Said I Love You" dance that stayed with our class for a few years.  The music is even by the same artist.  Although the tags and restarts are a plenty, the flow of this one makes it easy to remember and the tags and restarts are not a problem.  This one is popular for those looking for a good dance that also is doing well on the Survey.

That's all for this month.

Peace all!

Mark Cosenza