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December Newsletter

Many who know me, know that Iím an avid fan of the ďrealityĒ TV shows Survivor and Big Brother.  For those of you not familiar with the concept, itís basically a social interaction game where each week, one person is eliminated from the competition.  This is determined by each of the players.  Both shows add other elements into the mix, but for purposes of this newsletter, thatís about all you need to know.  While many dismiss these shows as utter garbage, I remain fascinated with them and learn a lot about human nature from them.  Things about human nature that are relevant in the social interactions we have in everyday life. 

The dance community is in essence a larger scale version of Big Brother, particularly for those who are active in making themselves known whether it be through their choreography, websites, events and/or newsletter contributions.  Over the years, many many choreographers and dancers have come and gone, whether from being burned out or banned from the game.  I couldnít tell you how many people Iíve seen burst onto the dance scene, been the talk of the dance groups, suddenly develop a huge ego and then get eliminated from the community.  Itís a fact of life and it happens to the best of Ďem. 

Iím still standing.  There are many who have nominated me for elimination over the years but yet I continue to survive and hopefully continue to make a difference in the dance community.  While usually things are copasetic in the community, all have to be careful how they put themselves out there or they face the wrath and drama of loud minority.  One thing that I have noted is that itís OK to speak out as long as you can back up your opinion and not just stating it for the purpose of hurting someone else.  This wonít get you voted off.  However, if you do respond to an opinion for the purpose of a personal attack &/or to try and neutralize/belittle the poster, you will eventually be voted off the Island.  If you have any questions about this, before posting, you should ask yourself if you could say to the person directly, the same things you are offering an opinion on?  If you cannot, donít write it.  Plain and simple, just donít write it and we wonít have to vote you out.

Last month, I was busy teaching at the Tampa and Vegas events and had little time for offering up new dances for the class, which still has a bunch of newer dances to digest.  However, we did get in a couple of new teaches as follows:

Hey Mama Ė Scott Blevins, which was a great social line dance that our class loved since the Windy City event.  We have yet to go contra with it, but hopefully weíll give it a go this month.

Playing With Fire Ė Craig Bennett, which was also taught in Windy city and the Tampa event and has caught on with the masses and I got to enjoy this one at the Vegas event as well.

Yep, those are the only new dances this month also because we had the Thanksgiving holiday pre-empty our Thursday class, but we do have a few new ones coming up for December, which again will be pre-empted since Christmas Eve falls on a Thursday.

Argentina Ė Maggie Gallagher was a hit in Vegas and Tampa.  Itís a great track and while the dance is tricky, itís one that is fun once mastered.

Argentina by Maggie Gallagher

Parta Me Ė Michele Perron, a great dance track from Chris Cornell and taught at Windy City is worth a second look. 

Stay tuned and Iíd like to wish all of you a wonderful Holiday season!! 


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