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Here is the feedback for February:

I see you're going after the facebook crowd now!  lol  And, again...I'm with you!


Hi, Mark.  I hate all that stuff on FB too.  Someone finally told me if I hold my mouse over farmville or whatever they send, a little IGNORE will show up on the RH side of the screen.  If you click that it will ignore all farmville or whatever they want forever.  I ignore everything.  LOL

Here is the feedback for January:

Comments = It still amazes me that "teach the new dance" seems to be the criteria for some Line Dance Teachers.  I am so lucky to have the dancers who come to me and let me choose the dances I want to teach.  They just know I am going to pick something they will like to learn and enjoy dancing and if they don't, they know we can toss it, because there many more from which to choose.  I always look at the footwork and take out the dances with lots of 3/4's and full turns, and yes, I keep those that aren't ruined with a Walk, Walk.  (I am very lucky they don't like to turn and neither do I.)  I choose dances with good footwork, fit the music and yes, I listen to the words.  If I throw out the questionable music and still like the dance, I'll find other music that fits and is is not in bad taste.
Yesterday, January 2, I taught Mark Cosenza's "B2", because I took it out of the HUGE pile that I want to do and I learned it off the Step Sheet, taught it, and they loved it!  I knew they would.  The music is cute, good beat, and the footwork fits the music. 
I have HUGE piles of dances in the different levels of difficulty.  The dancers who have been with me the longest have faith in my choices.  They never expect a dance to be at their level.  If it is a little easier, neat footwork and good music, they learn it in just a few minutes. They know we have time to dance other favorites and also learn harder dances.
Like I tell the dancers, "So many dances.  So little time." 
Judee in Arizona
Username = Judee Curtis

Here is the feedback for December:

Comments = Great newsletter.  Loved the video.  It brought back a great memory of Maggie's class in Tampa which was awesome.  Miss you guys.  Happy Holidays to you and yours. 

Jackie B


Comments = Mark,
Elsa Campbell here from Houston, Tx...I met you in Las Vegas when you were teaching Argentina..Thank You for teaching the dance, I love the music.. Also I enjoyed reading your Dec. Newsletter... In my opinion, you're one of the "good guys"....Elsa
Username = Elsa Campbell
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Comments = OH so True Mark, you have some amazing Choreography.  New/Old, unknown to Renown shouldn't really matter.  An Instructor is going to teach what's best suited for his class and if you're a choreographer, sure you want local friends to be able to see your choreography but as long as someone is looking at it, that's all that matters and alot of times people don't participate in the surveys like Dodee hopes so your dance could be getting looked at in many different places.  You just don't know!! All you can do is write to those favorites you hear and dance like there's no tomorrow because you just don't know.
Username = Andy Williams


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