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Dear Dancers,

This month we have a new number one as Neils Poulsen pulled a 1 - 2 punch with the top 2 dances Melon Heart and Lady Luck.  Oddly enough, Rachael's Domino, which debuted at number one, fell out of the Top 10, but still had enough votes to remain a favorite. That is mighty strange chart action this month.  Glen Pospieszny's Teenage Dream will move into our Recurrent Favorites this month after spending a year on the charts.  This if fairly impressive considering this dance has no video except for one that is sideways on youtubeMr. Saxobeat from Daniel Whitaker and Shambala from Ria Vos both are debuting into our Top 10 this month.  These are both fun dances that haven't garnered the interest that they deserve.  


Have a nice dance,

 Mark Cosenza

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