2018 Event Registrations

Here are the names of the folks we currently have registered for Windy City Line Dance Mania as of 09/17/2018

If you do not see your name listed below and you sent in a registration, please do not panic!  Simply bring in your cancelled check or paypal receipgt when you arrive at the event - in the meantime, feel free to check with me regarding your registration if you don't see it below and I will let you know what my records show. I still have some to process that were sent to my old address so please be patient if you sent to the Normandy address and you don't see your name.   Please note the date above - that is the last time this page was updated!

       (Before emailing me, please note the last update as shown above - this page is not updated daily!!!  Please don't ask when it will be updated next.  If your check is cashed or your online payment comes with a receipt, that is your proof of payment!!!! Just let me know ahead of time so we can make sure we have a registration packet for you )

                        Codes: Column 2: Paper= Step Description Book, Flash= Step Description Flash Drive, Both= Both Flash Drive and Book    
Column 3: Standard=Standard Sized T-shirt    Ladies=Ladies Sized T-Shirt (For those who registered before 4/30, if you didn't specify a size, you were marked as NO T-Shirt)
Column 4:  Yes= Saturday Night Dinner

Notes Flash / Book T-S Sat Dinner Last Name First Name
        Abbott Carol
Aceves Jaime
    Albano Sandy
        Alexandrou Linda
    Ladies Yes Allen Mamie
    Amaral Lorraine
Online Ladies Yes Ammann Hedy
    Ladies   Anderegg Gloria
    Standard   Anderson Gloria
Online   Standard   Anderson Ken
Anderson Loy
Yes Andrews Rebecca
Flash Antonides Tonya
Online Paper     Arndt Luanne
Arpin Terese
Ladies Arrowsmith Maria
    Ladies   Babraj Pat 
Badger Cathy
        Bainer Carolyn
Online       Baisey Teri
Online       Bamforth Linda
Online Barron Phyliss
Bartlett Paul
    Standard   Bates Sandra
Online   Ladies Yes Bauer Carrie
Paper Baueuchler Pam
Credit Card Beaver Patricia
Beer Carolyn
Flash Bekkestuen Hanne
    Ladies   Bennett Amanda
        Benson Dianna
        Bernhard Brigitte
        Blakely  David
        Blankau Sabine
Ladies Blansett Dee
        Blansett Bob
Blish Nancy
Flash Yes Blum Jane
Online       Blum Courtney
Credit Card Flash Ladies Yes Bolander Linda
Bolanz Adelheid
Bourret Maureen
    Ladies   Bradbury Kathie
    Ladies Bremer Shirley
    Ladies   Briol Ginny
Online   Ladies   Brooke Pinger
  Flash Standard Brown Bill
Transfer From Mary Pensel Flash     Brown Betty
Online Standard Brown Ross
Online       Brown Charlie
        Brownlee Krissie
  Paper Standard Bruce James
    Brumbaugh Doris
Online   Bunney Helen
  Ladies Burnstein Jackie
        Bush Jennifer
Online       Cacioppo Marjori
      Yes Campbell Margaret 
Online   Ladies   Card  Lynn 
Online       Carlson Deb
Online Carlson Jessica
Online       Carpenter Debbie
  Paper Ladies   Carraher Karen
Online   Standard   Carroll Kris
Online       Catalano Kathleen
Online Flash Standard   Chan Jessie
  Chan Si-Wah
Credit Card       Chan Francis
Credit Card       Chan Gabriel
Credit Card   Ladies Yes Chang Janet
Credit Card   Ladies Yes Chang Zizi
    Ladies   Chang Kathy
        Chapin Barbara  
    Standard   Chen Judy
    Ladies   Chen Regina
        Chen Shu Fen
      Yes Chen Grace
Credit Card   Ladies Yes Cheng Jessica
  Flash Ladies   Cheng Rita
    Ladies Yes Cheng Elaine
Online   Standard   Cheung Marcus
Extra Shirt   Ladies / Ladies   Cheung Berta
Credit Card   Ladies Yes Chiang Grace
    Ladies   Chichester Sandy
      Yes Chien Emily
    Ladies   Chiou Alice
Online Flash Ladies Yes Chiu Kathy
Online Chi-yee Cheng Marie
Refund $20   Ladies   Cho Laura
Online Cho Youngmicho
Standard Choi Christina
Credit Card   Ladies Yes Chu  Elise
Refund Needed Ladies Chung Cindy
    Ladies   Cirrintano Anita
$50 Credit       Clair Jackie
Standard Clifford Jan
Both Standard Clinton Terry Ann
    Ladies Yes Cook Elaine
Cooley  Laurel
Online Standard Cooper Susan
        Copp Mary Lou
Online       Corbett Karen
Online       Coryell Gayle
Credit Card Costin Richard
        Courant Betsy
        Crosby Pamela
Online       Crowley Diane
        Culshaw Paul
        Curtis Debra
    Standard   Cypel Aurora
Online       D'Agostino Joey
    Standard   Dahl Laura
        Daigneault David
  Flash     Daily Corinne
        Daily Dennis
    Ladies   Daley  Samantha
  Flash Ladies Yes Davidson Loretta
Online Flash Ladies   Davis Janet
  Flash Standard   Davis Dodee
    Standard   Dawson Gail
        Deike Sabrina
        Deike Klaus
    Ladies Yes DeJong Aurora
Online   Standard   Delgado John
Online       Desmond Lana
Online       Diachuk Debbie
Pass Winner       Dickson Sandy
Diethelm Silvia
    Ladies   Dillow Debi
Online Ladies Dixon Julie
Friday Dixon Phyllis
        Dobbins Sally
Dodgeson Michael
Online Ladies Droscha Kelly
F Ladies Yes Dube Doris
Duckwitz Klaus
        Duckwitz Doris
        Earls Andi
        Eberhard Priska
    Ladies   Eberwein Janice
Online       Eddins Lisa
        Egan Mary
Egger Marinette
Paper Ladies Eklund Andrea
Online Ellair-Smith Christina
    Ladies Yes Everhart Bernice
Online Flash Yes Fang Wendy
Farren  Diane
Online   Standard   Fernandes John
Fernandes Lorna
Ferrier Shirley
Online   Standard   Feysa Frank
Comp   Fischer Daniella
  Fish  Audrey
  Fisher Cindy
    Ladies   Flavell Limay
Online       Forbes Myra
    Ladies Yes Ford Joanne
Online Flash Standard   Fouks Kathryn
    Standard   Franklin Nancy
Online       Franklin Lisa
        Fridd Tammy
  Paper Standard   G Kathy
Online Galbreath Gloria
Online       Garland Melissa
        Garrett Lillian
Online Both Standard   Garrison Patti
Comp       Gerlach Doerte
    Ladies   Getz Leslie
Online       Giannattasio Laurie
Online       Gindlesperger Janice
Online       Glasier Alyzia
Online Glasier Connie
  Flash Standard   Glaus Julie
Online       Godfey Ann
Online       Golden Carol
        Gooden Barbara
    Ladies   Gorsky Joan
Online       Goss Diane
Credit Card   Standard Yes Grace  Scott
Online Ladies Granstrom KME
        Gray Cameron
Online Paper   Yes Greene Nancy
        Grosshans Martina
Gu Kelly
Guerra-Flater Margareta
    Ladies   Haberkorn Lois
        Haeberlin Regula
Online F Ladies Hall Jean
Ladies Halpern Sally
Flash Yes Hamilton Tom
Yes Hamilton Hiromi
    Ladies   Hamilton Jillian
        Hand Sherrie
        Hand Tom
    Ladies   Hanson Janet
        Harbottle Sandi
    Ladies   Hargett Diane
Ladies Hargrove Pamela
Online       Harmon Jodi
Online       Harris Andrea
Online Harris Emily
        Harsch Manya
        Hayes Ida
Ladies Henry Greta
Herzog Karin
Standard Hewitt Mary
Online Flash Standard Yes Hey Jette
        Hickey Taylor
        Hild Sharon
Online   Ladies   Ho Connie
        Ho  Judy
    Standard Yes Holland Jean
Online Holley Robert
Credit Card Paper Homan Laura
        Hossler Cecilia
    Ladies   Houng Julie
Online Flash Standard Yes Høy Jette
Hsieh Michelle
    Ladies   Hsu Ming-shiow
  Flash Ladies   Hsu Ing-Miin
      Yes Hu Chi-chen
Credit Card   Ladies Yes Huang Rita
    Ladies   Huang Chiung-Mei
        Huang Tammy
        Huber Helen
Hui Pallas
Online       Hung Chia
        Hunziker Theres
Standard Hurley Sheri
    Ladies   Hwang Grace
  Paper   Yes Hwang Yuan-Yuan L.
Online Flash   Yes I Kayo
Online Flash Standard Igari Kiyoshi
Refunded Ilgaz Mubeccel
Online Ilgaz Mimi
Standard Inouye Tom
Standard Inouye June
Online Yes Jacobs  Nerine
Online Yes Jacobs  Mark
  Paper Standard   Jacobsen Jerry
Online Jelden Kingkarn 
Jensen Cary
Credit Card Ladies Yes Jin Stephanie
Online       Johnson Timothy
Must Pay At Event Standard   Johnson Anne
Paper Yes Johnson Laura
Yes Johnson Steve
Credit Card Johnson Lynn
Online Johnson Marijo
Jones Ashley
  Flash Ladies   Jones Theresa
Online Ladies Yes Jordan Anne
    Ladies   Jozwiak Barbara  
Online Jugdev Paula
Kang Eugenia
    Ladies   Karnis Diane
        Kelly John
Kelly Linda
Online Standard Khiyami Amer
Online   Ladies   Kho Stella
Online Standard King Bonnie
King Suzanne
Online Ladies Kinsbergen Caroline
Kneisz Sonja
        Knighton Cheryl
Ko Hagan
Online Komorita Lorene
Online Kotash Laura
Online Flash     Kruse Janet
Külling Denise
        Kwong Melissa
    Standard   LaFon Peggy
Online Lam Sonia
Ladies Langnau Jeannie
Lanziinger Friederike
    Standard   Larimer Sue
        Last Freda
Online Lauterberg Anita
Layne Charlotte
Online Leatherwood Patricia
Credit Card   Ladies Yes Lee Melody
Credit Card   Standard Yes Lee Chi
Online Paper Standard   Lewis Sam
        Lewis Rhonda
  Flash     Li Eric
        Li Sindy
Online   Ladies Yes Liao Mei Chin
    Ladies   Lieberfeld Sally
Credit Card Standard Lieberfeld Morry
Ladies Lim Elsie
Online Linares Ida
Online   Ladies   Liskevych Nancy
Credit Card   Standard   Lisko Mary
Little Trish
Ladies Liu Joyce
Ladies Liu Hsiu-Fang
      Yes Liu Anna
        Livingston Linda
Lo Catherine
Online Ladies Long Joanne
Credit Card Ladies Lu Show-Ming
Online       Lu Chia-hui
Online       Maag Maria
Online   Ladies   Maaks Betsy
Book Standard MacCallum Bridget
Maciejewski Diane
  Flash     Magnuson Brenda
        Magnuson Kevin
  Ladies   Mahoney Dottie
Pass Winner   Ladies   Malinconico Rose
Manning Dennis
Online Ladies Mannion Catherine
Online   Ladies   Marlette Cristina
  Flash Ladies   Marshall Beverly
Ladies Yes Martin Judy
    Ladies   Martino Lynne
Ladies Martino Mecky
        Mather Bradley
Ladies Mathews Bonnie
        May Daniel 
Online       McCafferty Shea
Credit Card   Ladies   McCrae Patricia
Credit Card Standard McCrae Bruce
McGuire Lisa
  Flash     McKellar Sandra
      McKenzie Michael
    Ladies   McNair Erica
Meier Peter
  Paper Ladies Yes Meredith Lorraine
    Ladies   Micossi Linda
        Mikel Kathryn
Mikel Mary
    Ladies   Miller Jeanette
Online       Miller Eryn
Online       Miller Jason
Credit Card Mills Robyn
Milstead Chicko
Online       Miu Maria
    Standard   Miyamoto Craig
Online   Ladies   Moffitt Peg
Online Flash Standard Yes Mohrer Marcel
Online Paper   Yes Montgomery Cathy
        Moore Susanne
Online       Moore Karen
Online Morretino Sheila
Online       Moutvic Karen
Online Flash   Yes Mui    Christine
Online Standard Mui Lau Woon
Ladies Yes Mukahirn Susan
Online       Muller Raymond
        Mullins Jeff
        Mullins Melanie
Online   Ladies   Murray Kay
Online       Musgrave-Demarest Dawn
  Paper Ladies   Nelson Luanne
        Nelson Ron
Nelson Loretta
    Ladies   Nemanich Carolyn
    Ladies   Neville Joann 
Online       New Carlene
        Ng Cindy
Pass Winner       Nickerson Lori
        Nicoletti Marllise
  Paper Standard   Nielsen Richard
        Nielsen Judy
        Nielsen Richard
Online   Ladies Yes Nigg Karin
        Nolet Adena
    Ladies   Nowobilski Maxine
Odendahl Peggy
Online       Orr Sharon
Ortbals Jackie
Online       Oswald Heidi
Online   Ladies Yes Ottiger Monika 
Credit Card Flash Standard Yes Owings Bonnie
        Paul Stacy
  Both     Payne Wendy Ann
Online Standard Yes Pederson Gina Jeanette
Extra Shirt Flash Ladies / Standard Peoples Charlene
    Ladies   Perry Cynthia
        Petoskey Diane
    Standard   Petrina JoAnn
  Flash Standard   Pettit Ann
    Standard   Pfautz Celia
Pfister Edith
  Paper Standard Yes Pillow Dolores
Pintarelli Julie
        Pitser Bonnie
  Flash     Pitser Janie
        Pitts Brandi
  Flash Ladies   Plant Diane
      Platt Gail
Standard Ploennigs Mala
Portelada Daniella
    Standard   Pospieszny Glen
    Ladies   Prast Barbara
Online       Privett Jessica
      Puruleski Ashley
Pass Winner       Puruleski Susan
    Ladies   Quagliato Andrea
Online Yes Rainey Judy
Online Raminez Christopher
Online Paper     Randall Brian
Standard Yes Randolph Diana
Online       Rasmussen Christina
Online Standard Rasweiler Jr John
        Raven Siva
Online       Recht Robyne
Remenick Mary Lou
Flash Ladies Yes Reynolds Denise
        Rice  Judith
        Rimmer  Carl 
        Rindlisbacher Heidi
        Rinehart Carole
        Robbins Debi
        Roberts Patricia
        Rodgers Kate
Online Rodgers Jennifer
Rodgers Jacqueline
    Standard   Roither Linda
Pass Winner Flash     Romero Denise
        Romero Frank
Online       Ronstadt Sharon
Online yes Rose Faith
Credit Card       Rosenau Cheryl
    Standard   Rozeboom Nancy
        Rubens Lisa
Credit Card       Ruth Mary
Online       Ryske Ellen
Online Flash Standard   Sack Jonathan
Online   Ladies   Samana Kernesa
        Sames Laverne Gloria
  Flash Standard   Sanchez Terrie
        Sancjhez Frank
    Standard   Santora Rachel
Online       Savoie Susan
Credit Card   Ladies   Scanlon Jean 
Online       Schemmel Lou Ann
Online       Schoeder Julie
Online   Ladies   Schopfer Mary
Online       Schumacker Pamela
Online Flash Ladies   Scott Mary
Online Flash   Yes Scott Linda
  Paper Ladies Yes Seger Helen
Online Seger Candee
        Selking Melissa
Online   Ladies   Selnik Sharon
Ladies Serdar Adeline
Ladies Severson Ginger
Credit Card       Shafer Fern
Shaffer Carol
        Shaffer Robert
Online       Shawne Haddad
Online       Shemin Susan
        Silverstein Russell
Silverstein Pat
Online Simoneau Suzanne
        Simons Elaine
    Ladies   Slomski Linda
Smith Gena
Online Standard Smoko Mark
  Ladies   Snow Patricia
    Sopata Patti
Flash Spasojevic Kathy
    Ladies   Spiewak Donna  
        Stevens Linda Sue
      Stevens Cheryl
Pass Winner       Stewart Jessica
Online       Stillwell Angie
    Ladies   Stilwell Kim
Online Stith Brenna
Pass Winner       Stith Karla
Stohr Jeannine
Stone Cindy
Paper Yes Stone Cecilia
Flash Yes Stone Andrew
Ladies Stowers Jennifer
NOT Paid Strandquist Joanne
Ladies Studt Janice
Ladies Yes Suss Jeanine
Online       Swanson Jack 
Standard Takahashi Dianne
Online     Yes Takatsuno Akiko
Pass Winner   Ladies Yes Tang Wendy
Online       Tell Liz
        Thomason RaNae
Online       Thompson Carlton
Online Flash Ladies Yes Tokuno Yoko
    Ladies   Tongue Keri
Tongue Keri
Online   Ladies   Torres Terri
Ladies Trentacosti June
    Standard   Trentacosti John
Online   Standard   Trim Rachel
Online Standard Triplett Mike
Online Flash     Ulrich Darlene
        Van Patten  Janet
    Ladies   VanderVeen Janet
Online   Ladies   VanRaalte Christine
Online       Vansomeran Debbie
Online       Vejseli Kimberly
Online   Standard   Via Judy
Online Both VonDran Christine
Online Ladies Wagner Jane
Wagner Maria
Online Standard Wah  Chan-Kit
Online Ladies Wahlstrand Kitty
Credit Card       Wallace Janet
Credit Card   Ladies Yes Wang Mei-Li
Ladies Wang Julia
Ladies Wang Sufang
Ladies Ward Sheila
Standard Yes Washington Debra
Weberg Bea
Online       Wellink Bonnie
        Werdrick Deanna
    Ladies   Wernecke Candace
Online   Ladies   Werner Donna  
Online       Westcott Frederick
        Wheatley Hayley
Online Wheeler Kathleen
Online Wheeler Megan
    Ladies   Whelan Jackie
Online Paper Ladies   Whistler Sharon
Online Ladies Wilkins Dorothy
        Williams Debbie
Online   Ladies   Willils Vivian
Wilson Kelly
Credit Card   Ladies   Winslow Hisae
Credit Card Wong Ada
Online Ladies Yes Wood Elaine
Credit Card   Standard Yes Wood Tom
Woodards Vernelia
Online Ladies Woolfries Jennifer
Online Paper Ladies Yes Wright Jacqueline
Ladies Wu Helen
Ladies Wu Lianghui
Ladies Wu Alice
        Wylie Jamie
  Flash Ladies   Yakshe Linda
Standard Yakshe Paul
Ladies Yes Yamanaka Nadine
Online Yang Jean
Yang Wendy
Online Yee Lawrence
      Yes Yee Celine
  Flash   Yes Yeh Yvonne
Credit Card Ladies Yes Yen Stacy
Online   Standard   Yerrick Melissa
    Ladies   Yin Sally
Online Flash Ladies Yes Yohko Nagai
Online Ladies Young Cindy
Online   Ladies   Yunker Lisa
Zangerl Helmut
Zangerl Annette
Ladies Zhao Jane
    Ladies   Zill Sue
Zittlau Angelika
Online   Ladies   Zmetra Mark