TYPE: 48 Count  - 2-Wall (Fast Waltz) Line Dance RATING: Intermediate
CHOREOGRAPHER: Mark Cosenza & Glen Pospieszny

Choreographed Music: Put On Your White Sombrero by ABBA   160 BPM - Album: Super Trouper (2001 Remastered - Bonus Track)

Alternate/Practice Music: Dreaming My Dreams With You by Collin Raye


This song has a 46 second intro.  Start on the vocals when they sing the second syllable of the word “sombrero”.

(Set 1)            Cross Weave To The Right with a Side Kick
1,2,3               Cross L in front of R, Step side R, Cross L behind R
4,5,6               Step side R, Cross L in front of R, Kick R side R  

(Set 2)            Cross Drag Snaps, Cross Drag Snaps
1,                     Cross R over L taking a large step forward
2,3                   Drag L to R and put hands up snapping fingers twice
4,                     Cross L over R taking a large step forward
5,6                   Drag R to L and put hands up snapping fingers twice

(Set 3)            Back Turn Brush Forward, Brush Back, Step, Touch
1,2,3               Step R behind L, ¼ turn L as you step onto the L foot, Brush R forward
4,5,6               Brush R back, Step R down, Touch L next to R 

(Set 4)            Crossover Turn Step , Cross behind Turn Step
1,2,3               While turning 1/8 Left, Cross L over R, Step back on R, Step L next to R
4,5,6               While turning 1/8 L, Cross R behind L, Step L forward next to R, Step R next to L  

(Sets 5 & 6)   Sweep & Ronde, Step, Step, Swivel
1,2,3               Large sweep with L crossing over R (take weight L) (count 1), Ronde R in front of L (2, 3)
4,5,6               Step Down on ball of R (count 4), Step on ball of L next to R, Swivel heels to the left angling body diagonal right
Note:       On counts 1,2, bring arms up.   On count 4 bring arms behind back like a matador

1,2,3,4,5,6      Repeat the previous 6 counts

(Set 7)            Step Forward & Kick Twice, Coaster Step Back
1,2,3               Continue angling diagonal right, Step forward L, Kick R forward twice
4,5,6               Facing directly forward, Step back R, Step together L, Step forward R

(Set 8)    ;        Step Forward & Kick Twice, Step, Stomp, Stomp
1,2,3               Step forward L, Kick R forward twice
4,5,6               Step down on R, Stomp L, Stomp R
Note:   On Count 6, Raise right arm up with elbow at 45 degree angle and carriage left hand under the right elbow.  Snap both fingers.

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Step Description courtesy of Mark's Country Edge located at


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