32 count
4 Wall line dance




Mark Cosenza


Choreographed Music: Shadow & Jimmy by Was Not Was 102 BPM - Album: What Up Dog?

Also recommended: Tragedy by Marc Anthony


While this cha was choreographed for Shadow & Jimmy, it will work well for any slower speed cha-cha rhythm.

(1-7) Touch Step Turn 1/4 R, Kick & Touch, Sweep 1/4 L
1          Touch side Left
2,3       Step L next to R, Pivot 1/4 right (weight should remain on L) and pop right knee forward
4&5     Kick R forward, Step R down, Touch side Left
6-7       Pivoting 1/4 L, Sweep L back and step behind R foot

(8-16) R Shuffle, Touch & Drag, L Shuffle, Touch & Drag, Rock & Recover

8&1     Step forward R, L, R
2, 3      Leaning your shoulders to the right, Touch side L and slowly drag to R as your shoulders move back in place
4&5     Step forward L, R, L
6-7       Leaning your shoulders to the left, Touch side R and slowly drag to L as your shoulders move back in place
8&       Rock R forward, Recover onto L 

(17-24) 1/2 Turn Pivot, Rock Recover, Cross Shuffle, Touch and Step, L Heel Jack
1          Pivot 1/2 turn R  stepping onto R
2, 3      Rock Side  L, Recover onto R 
4&5     Cross L over R, Step R behind  L, Cross L over R
6          Touch R side R
7          Touch R next to L
&8       Step back on R, Touch L heel forward

(25-32) Step & Touch, Touch & Cross, L Kick Ball Cross & Unwind, Kick & Touch
&1      Step down on L, Touch R toe inward to L
2-3      Touch R side R, Step R forward and across L
4&5    Kick L foot diagonal forward, Step down on ball of L, Cross R over L
6-7      Slowly unwind 3/4 turn L slightly bending knees
8&      Kick R forward, Step R down

Begin Again

*Note: There is a false ending towards the very end of the song which occurs at about count 11 where the music breaks with the exception of a long drum roll.   Continue the dance as normal and you should be at count 16 when the music picks up again.

Step Description courtesy of Mark's Country Edge located at