56 count
Wall line dance




Mark Cosenza


Choreographed Music: Don’t Play That Song Again – Nicky French (CD Single) BPM 134

Album: CD Single 


The song begins with vocals, so begin the dance when the beat kicks in on the word "night."  (Count off 5-6-7-8 when she sings "deep into the.") 

(1-8) Side Step, Step Together Cross and Touch, ¼ Left Jazz Box

1         Take a large side step right
2&3    Step L next to R, Step R Side R, Cross L over R
4         Touch side R
5-8     While moving ¼ L, Cross R over L, Step Side L, Step back R, Step L next to R

(9-16) Cross Behind Rocks to the L, Touch, Raise and Step

1-2     While moving to the L, Cross R behind L, Step forward left on L
3-5     Continuing direction to the L, Cross R behind L, Step forward on L, Cross R behind L
6         Touch forward on L
7-8     Raise left foot (keeping it forward), Step down on L

(17-24) Rock & Pivot, Cross Rock Step to R & Recover, Step Forward, Cross Step to L

1-2     Rock forward R, Recover onto L
&3     Step R next to L, Step forward on L and pivot ¼ to the R
4        Step forward R
5        Cross Rock L over R
6        Step back on R
7-8     Step side L, Cross Rock R over L

(25-32) Step together and Bump & Grind, Side Step, Cross Behind & Sweep back ½ to the R

1-3     Step L down next to R and Bump and grind hips clockwise L, R, L
4-5     Step side R, Cross L behind R
6         Touch R side R
7-8     Sweep back R foot pivoting ½ R, Step down on R

(33-40) Skate L, Skate R, Step Forward and ¼ Pivot R, Full Turn R

1-2     Skate L forward (move L hand in forward motion in sync with L feet)
3-4     Skate R forward (move R hand in forward motion in sync with R foot)
5         Step forward on L
6         Pivot ¼ R stepping down on R
7-8     Pivot full turn R by stepping ½ turn on R and ½ turn on L

(41-48) Skate L, Skate R, Step Forward and ¼ Pivot R, Full Turn R

1-8     Repeat counts 33-40

(49-56) Step Forward, 1/2 Turn R, Scuff and Step, Step in place, Hip Sways

1-2     Step forward L, Pivot on left foot ½ turn to the right
3         Step down on R and scuff L foot forward
4-5     Step down in place L, R
6-8     Sway hips L, R, L

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Step Description courtesy of Mark's Country Edge located at