Mr Jailer 

TYPE: 32 count
4 Wall Line Dance
RATING: Intermediate/Advanced
CHOREOGRAPHER: Glen Pospieszny; Harwood Heights, IL 708-876-7106
MUSIC: Music: Please Mr Jailer by Rachel Sweet (From the soundtrack to the movie "Cry Baby");

Alternate Music: Body Rock by Moby

NOTES: The dance, when done to Please Mr. Jailer, is west coast rhythm and looks best when done with a somewhat "sensual" look to it.
All music can be found at

Step forward, Hip Bumps

1    Step forward R
2    Bump hips R
3    Step forward L
4    Bump hips L
5    Step forward R
6    Bump Hips R
7    Step forward L
8    Bump Hips L
(L takes weight)

R Cross Unwind, L Cross Unwind, 4 Heel Taps

1     Cross R over L
2     Unwind ½ turn to the L
(L takes weight)
&    Step back on R
  Cross L over R
  Unwind ½ turn to the R (R takes weight)
5-8 Tap L heel 4 times (L takes weight on count 8)

¼ Turn R, Catwalks Forward, Walk Back

1    Step R down making a ¼ turn to R (should look like you are stepping over something)
2    Step forward L (cat walks)
3    Step forward R (cat walks)
4    Step forward L
&     Rock back on R
5    Step back on L
6    Step back on R
7    Step back on L
8    Step back on R

Step Back Cross, Point L, Cross L ½ turn Unwind, Sweep Turn L, Sweep turn R

&    Step L back
1    Cross R slightly in front of L
2    Point L toe to L side
3    Cross L over R
4    Unwind ½ turn to R (L takes weight)
*5    Step R with a snake roll R
6    Touch L next to R
7    Step L with a snake roll L
8    Touch R next to L

*For Counts 5-8 See Advanced Options below.


Begin Again…

Advanced Options:
Counts 5-6 full turn sweep R with weight on R
Counts 7-8 full turn sweep L with weight on L