TYPE:  36 count
4 Wall Line Dance
RATING:  Intermediate
CHOREOGRAPHER:  Mark Cosenza; Chicago, IL 773-774-7024
MUSIC: Music: What Do You Know About Love? by Dwight Yoakam; Album - Tomorrow's Sounds Today; BPM 148
NOTE: Important: Begin on vocals - one count before Dwight shouts "Hey Baby!"

(1-4) Stomp, Kick Forward, Side, Back
1-2  Stomp Down on R, Kick R Forward
3-4  Kick Side R, Kick R Back
(Note: These counts usually correspond to when Dwight shouts "Hey Baby")

(5-12) Step Forward, Swivel Heel, Toe, Heel, Step Forward, Swivel Heel, Toe, Heel
1     Step R diagonally forward R
2-4  Slide L towards R by twisting L heel in, toe fwd, heel in
5     Step L diagonally forward L
6-8  Slide R towards L by twisting R heel in, toe fwd, heel in

(13-20) Rock, Recover Step Back & Cross Over, Step Back & Cross Behind, Pivot & Step
1-2  Turning 1/4 right, Rock R foot forward, Step back onto L
3-4  Step back R (diagonally back), Cross L over R
5     Step back R (diagonally back)
6     Cross L behind R and pivot 1/2 right
7-8  Step down on R, Step Down on L

(21-28) Swivels & Knee Pops In, Out, In, Step Slide, Step, Step
1-2  Swivel R foot left and pop R knee in, Swivel R foot right and pop R knee out
3     Swivel R foot left and pop R knee in
(Style Note: Keeping weight on L, Swivel on ball of R foot and point toe in and out as you swivel your foot - exaggerate to the L and R as much as possible)
4     Turning 1/4 left, Step down on R straightening your leg, and slightly pop L knee forward
5-6  Step Forward on L, Slide R behind
(Additional Style Note: This move for counts 5-6 looks even better if you angle your body 1/4 right)
7-8  Turning 1/4 right, Step down on L, Step down on R (bouncing off heel of R foot)

(29-36) Heel Toe Swivels (aka "The Dwight"), Large Step & Drag, Step
1     Weight on L ball, swivel L heel to right (weight to L heel) touch R toe next to L
2     Weight on L heel, swivel L toe to right (weight to L ball) touch R heel next to L
3-4   Repeat 1&2
5     Take a large step diagonally forward to the right on R
6-7   Drag L towards R
8      Step down on L
(Hand movements: For counts 5-8, spread arms apart; This usually corresponds with when Dwight says the word "Love")


EASY TAG: On walls 3 & 6 (corresponding with the 2 verses in the song), Repeat counts 5-8 before beginning the dance again.

Step Description courtesy of Mark's Country Edge located at countryedge.com