4 Wall line dance




Mark Cosenza


Choreographed Music: Handsome (Club Remix) by Soda 126 BPM - 
Practice Music: Handsome by Soda 116 BPM
Album: CD Single
Country Music Suggestion: Dance by Twister Alley


Description: 32 count, 4-wall, line dance 
Dance Beat: Moderately Fast
Revised on Sept 5, 2001

(1-8) Side Points, Sailor Step, Rock Step, Coaster Step
&1       Step down on R , Point L side left and lean your shoulders to the right
&2       Step down on L, Point R side right and lean your shoulders to the left
(Additional Style Note: For the above counts, your hands should also point towards the pointing foot - L, R)
3&4     Cross ball of R behind L, Step side L, Step R slightly forward
5-6      Rock L Forward, Recover back onto R
7&8     Step back on L, Step R next to L, Step forward L

(9-16) Step Forward, Pivot, Turn Side Together Side, Cross & Touch, Sailor
1-2       Step forward on R, Pivot turn left
3&4     Turning left, Step side R, Step together L, Step side R
5-6       Cross L over R, Touch R beside L
7&8     Turning right, Step ball of R foot behind L, Step side L, Step R slightly forward

(17-24) Rock, Recover, Diagonal Points Fwd & Back, Cross Behind Touch, Sailor
1-2       Rock forward L, Recover onto R 
3&4     Point L forward diagonal left, Step down on L, Point R back diagonal right *
5          Cross R behind L
6          Touch L side left
7&8     Turning L, Step ball of L behind R, Step side R, Step L slightly forward

(25-32) Jazz Box, Full Turn, Step Back & Touch
1         Step forward R
2-3     Kick L forward, Cross L over R
4         Step back on R and pivot turn L
5         Step forward on L pivoting turn L, (completing full turn)
6         Step back on R
7         Step back on L and slightly lean back,
8         Touch R forward

Begin Again

*Restart: Assuming you begin at vocals, on the second wall, end the dance on count 20 and begin again.  This restart should be used for both mixes of Handsome.

Step Description courtesy of Mark's Country Edge located at countryedge.com